Whilly Bermudez is an American marketing entrepreneur and philanthropist who is affectionately known as “the WB.” Whilly’s creative talent is based on interpreting innovative potential mixed with a relentless pursuit to take concepts & ideas beyond their limits. Whilly is one of the best-known marketers in South Florida and one of the most recognizable names in the industry. He has developed business concepts for clients since 2001, has produced over 1,000 events and live shows, and has received acclaim as one of the leading social media marketers.


Whilly founded WB Media in the early 2000’s, and grow it to a national web development firm with an impressive portfolio and client base. He has received endorsements from Educational institutions, as well as major newspapers, and organizations.


Aside from his innovation and business acumen, Whilly is driven by a hunger to help others. He supports various causes and donates to them throughout the year. As an example of his philanthropy and his hobby, he has written a children’s book called WB and The 10 Good Things.


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